Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mouse Hunt

Warning: this blog contains scenes of violence that might not be suitable for children. (or anyone who thinks Mr. Jangles of "The Green Mile" was a cute little mousey)

This morning Salem informed me we had a mouse and would I please open the linen closet door.I told him I saw no mouse but he and Poe settled in to wait and told me to go about my business.
I'm not sure how they do it but a mouse always appears. I suspect they have a secret ability to make mouse calls:
"Come on mousey, I have some cheese out here. It will be fine. There's nobody here but us cats."
The poor mouse is in for a big surprise when the proverbial cat and mouse game is played out literally on them. Salem lets Poe run the chase but provides back up if needed.Really, guyz. This is mean. Just get rid of it.And I say once again, Mom. No. I do not have any mice in my house.


Camp said...


They are very good at their job..and especially tidy ;-))

no no crime.

onecollie said...

gross!!!! yuk !!
I think it was Mr Jingles...& I thought he was a cute little mousey! LOL!

Joan said...

My cats would catch mice out in my milking shed. If I happened to be milking I'd give them a bowl of nice fresh milk right out of the goat to wash it down.
Remember that house in Lancaster? It had the worst mouse problem ever and my Kitty was a horrible mouser. He'd alway let them go. It was the poodle who'd step in and take them out. I hate mouses in my houses.

Monique said...

LOL. Love it... s

Angus said...

A real mousecatcher! Could you lend the p[ose to us for a while?

manymuddypaws said...

lol awesome.

Anonymous said...

hahaha ... that tickled me. oddly enough. my bubbas just headed out after dinner for a few hours of exploring and i presume, hunting. They are entirely too big considering i feed them weight management food ;) gotta love that innate ability!!