Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Minimal Monday - OK Actually Wednesday

It's not my fault that I didn't post on Monday. We are traveling now on "the" trip and I've seen alot of really cool things that I'd like to take a picture of.

Looking down on Billings, Montana from the bute above the city
However, Scott NEVER stops. He doesn't understand that it's "for the blog". So all my photographs have been taken out of the window of a moving vehicle.

Butes in western Wyoming
I've missed some cool shots because I was past them before I had the camera ready.
Fortunately, we should be at our destination in Missouri tonight.

Grain elevators in South Dakota at Dusk


Kathy said...

Those men, they just never understand how important these things are.

Camp said...

those are better than most we take standing still! beautiful! go get'em at the trial!!!

Unknown said...

You need to have a better "Stop" command on Scott as the one you have, really doesn't work.

gvmama said...

ahhhh youuu Scott.... :0)