Thursday, October 14, 2010

All At Home

We had a very special delivery yesterday.
Louanne had been babysitting Togo and his sheep and brought them back home to us.Togo is only 19 months old and although he is good defence against coyotes, he's still confused about roaming neighbor dogs.
So we sent him and the sheep to Louanne's for safe keeping while we were on our trip.
Although Togo was happy to see me, he considers Louanne to be his second mommy and didn't want her to leave.
During her lesson with Scott he made sure she knew he loved her and wagged his tail every time she laughed.To welcome him home, I bought him his new official Alta-Pete collar. (It wasn't easy finding one to fit him!)

NOW life can get back to normal.


Camp said...

such a handsome boy! and what a snazzy collar!

Kathy said...

Is that a collar made by Sharon by chance?

Jenny Glen said...

Yes! It's hard to find collars that big but Sharon had requests in the past for guardian dog collars so she had some large ones on hand so I picked it up at the Nationals.

Cindy said...

What kind of dog is Togo? I am surprised at how Tall he is...a very handsome boy indeed. Love those waterproof day glow collars.

Jenny Glen said...

He IS huge. His mother is a Sarplaninac and his father is a 4-way which is a breed they have invented in Kentucky which is a cross of Anatolian, Akbash, Maremma, and Pyr. He looked like a Sarplaninac as a puppy but now he looks like a long coated Anatolian. We are currently looking for an Akbash pup to be his helper.