Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Five Star Treatment

I guess it's all about who you know. I happen to know Sarah who is training to be a certified canine massage therapist.
She asked for some volunteers to practice on.
Do I have volunteers?!!!!
Unfortunately, she limited me to two.
I picked Bob and Hemp.Yesterday Sarah came out to give them their second massage.
Bob remembered the last one and as soon as he saw the mat, he laid down in the middle of it to tell her he was ready.Bob is 12 now and Sarah works on his old dog muscles.
Hard to tell if he likes it or not. Hemp gets a massage to help him relax since he is the most tense dog I have ever met.Yes. We decided it worked.Trust me. He's relaxed on the inside.


manymuddypaws said...

lol oh hemp.

does Bob have a spring in his step today?

Jenny Glen said...

Yes, actually it really helps Bob's shoulders

Kathy said...

My guys just love their massages. They move so much better afterward. I also indulged myself this year and it was well worth it.

Cathy said...

My dog injured her neck and back so I took her to a dog massage therapist recommended by my groomer. At first I was skeptical (so was Belle), but after just one treatment she was much improved. It cost $50 for about 15 minuntes, but it was totally worth it.

bev said...

What school is she training with?

Sarah said...

AWWW!!! they did really enjoy it! Even Hemp!!! He was very relaxed ... those crazy eyes will never relax though ... Maybe I'll give him an eyeball massage next time :)

Dogs don't lie, you can tell when they like it - it is pretty cool :)

Bev, it is through Caninology.

Ryker said...

Oh bob, you are a smart doggie!
My mom gives me massages. She's not a trained therapist but I go into a coma when she does me...

Loretta Mueller said... dogs all get massages and Klink, the most tense dog we have, has really benefited from them. It's great seeing more and more people having their dogs worked on :)