Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Monster Within

I don't know alot about campers.
I didn't realize that they came with their own monster installed.
That's ok.
Skid's got us covered.Apparently, according to Skid, our monster is behind the couch.I guess our monster also comes equipped with it's own invisibility cloak 'cause I've looked behind and under that couch and I can't see it.And it's very quiet, 'cause I can't hear it either.
Thank goodness Skid can.I sleep well at night knowing that Skid has our back.


Angus said...

Thank heavens for Skid .

Monique said...

Good boy Skid. If I ever get a camper I will be sure to have you come over and check it for monsters!

Bev said...

As long as its not a mouse type monster!

Ryker said...

Maybe it's a bug? But your safe because Skid is definitely on the job!