Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toy Story

My dog Jed loves toys. Unfortunately, he also has the jaws of a pit bull and the toys never stay in one piece.
Then he eats the pieces and has to have very expensive surgeries.

A few years ago a friend brought me an "indestructible" toy.
It came with a note that said, "Green means go. Red means stop."It took Jed 15 minutes (yes I timed him) to get to the red.

Obviously, the toy is not for Jed.
However, I keep it in the truck for our puppies to play with when we are traveling.
Jed has figured this out and keeps finding my hiding places.

No, Jed.I SAID NO, JED!JED! THAT'LL DO!Caught you!Good try, Jed.


Ryker said...

Ahh Jed, you remember that was your toy! Your so cute stealing back your toy!!!
How about a good meaty bone instead?

Sarah said...

Oh Jed!!!!!

Anonymous said...

have you tried Galileo bones? They are shaped so they can't be chewed into dangerous pieces. They are made by Nylabone and they really work at the shelter and in my home.

- Cat

Joan said...

You know that has a guarantee on it. If you send it back they will replace it. Not for Jed, but for your other dogs..LOL You want more elk antlers? How'd Jed do with those?

Joan said...

PS: I need Jed to come work here as a toy tester.