Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Busy

To steal borrow a quote from a friend of mine, (who borrowed it from a friend of hers)
"If you are too busy to blog,
post a picture of your cat."Seriously, we are getting ready to travel to another trial for a week, then travel to several trials for 3 weeks.
Togo is not making it easier on our preparations.
Alaska, has turned into a great guardian dog.Really, she has.
But Togo has tried to take his act on the road, one too many times.
Now we have to electrify our perimeter fence.
It's keeping Scott on his toes - except when he forgets he has it on and gets shocked.
Then it keeps him on his butt.
I'm not doing anything.I'm just being a good boy and napping in this cool hay stack yard.