Sunday, November 27, 2011


You are probably wondering why I haven't posted this week.
Well, it's been kinda hard to get pictures outside with all the wind we've been having.
I mean real, hard wind.
We haven't had too much damage but we did lose the roof off of an old grain building.
Sure, I could have blogged about the exciting things going on inside the house.
Poe has decided that he likes sleeping on the bathroom sink.
I could have told you about that riveting story but I decided to wait until I could stand outside and take a picture without fear of being blown over.

Don't worry about the animals.
Togo and Alaska are just using it as another reason to play,
 and all the stuff being blown around is just more stuff for Alaska to steal.

And the sheep hardly notice.
They're too busy watching out for the young dogs that have started training.
But the little dog has had some trouble staying on the ground.


Cathy said...

I bet you get lots of wind on the prairie. It's been pretty windy in Spokane, too, but the biggest worry I have with my house in the city is all the leaves that blow in from my neighbors' unraked yards. Glad every one is safe and sound.

livin life said...

Noooooo get thee behind me, wind! Visualizing some calm clear days ahead....... :)

Ryker said...

Oh the wind, it's the wind chill factors that drive me inside...burrrr!