Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Nannies

The guardians have really surprised me this year.
Young guardians are usually not trustworthy with lambs. 
We learned that the hard way when Togo was a teenager.
But this year is a completely different story.
We introduced the dogs to lambing slowly and with alot of supervision.
They are now reliable and are always on the outlook for danger.
As fierce as they are with predators, they couldn't be more gentle with their charges.
 Daily inspections of the babies are routine.
Even bone sharing is not off limits.

 And the lambs know a soft spot for a nap when they see one.
I love you Auntie 'Laska


Ryker said...

That is so cute. That bonding should make a better guardian. I love how they have the same coloring too.

Camp said...

oh my gosh..those need to be a calendar..adorable..sweet..and more!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Awwwwww - SO sweet :-)

BCxFour said...

Dear Lord that series of pictures nailed me right in the heart. Precious, especially that last one.

Alice said...

Precious pictures tied with heart strings :-)

Sarah Loves to Bake said...

This is absolutely precious!! Keep these pics coming :)

Arlette Seib said...

Beautiful moments and wonderful photos. With your permission I'd love to use a couple for a piece of artwork someday.