Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good Medicine

There is not much going on at Alta-Pete Farm right now.  The customer dogs are all in now for training and Scott is working on them every day.  I'm busy training up Ford for his main nursery season and chasing after Try, constantly saying "No.  NO. NO!"
It's not farm related but in the spirit of this blog, I thought I'd show you a video from the year end banquet of "Pet Prescription Team" - the therapy dog group that my father and his (my mom's) collie, Kane participate in.  This is a montage of the 3 winners of their annual awards.
First, dog of the year award to Sammy the sheltie.
Then, volunteer of the year award to Chris Core and her golden Charli Belle,
and the final award winners my father and his (my mom's) collie Kane who won the Rodeo award given in honor of the first therapy dog for Pet Prescription Team, Aussie, Rodeo.
These three dogs were honored out of 530 members so we are very proud of my father and his (my mom's) collie, Kane.


Monique said...


MTWaggin said...

And THAT my friends is the true spirit of the season. Therapy dogs rock!

Jeanne said...

Love conquers all! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That was so wonderful to see. These dogs give those older people back a memory of childhood and their own dogs they had.
Just beautiful! You should be proud, it makes me want to certify my dog as a thearpy dog. They give back so much without even knowing it!