Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bark In The Park

Once in a while, my dogs pretend they have normal lives and get to go and do the things that the city dogs get to do.
Today was the annual Bark In The Park for the Windy City Canine Rescue.
I wish I could take all my personal dogs but I have too many alot of them right now - that's a whole 'nother blog.
Skid and Try got to go this time.

I thought I was bringing Try for his socializing but he's turned into such a solid pup/dog that really, he's more of a stabilizing force for me than I am for him.
And I figured, since we are going to a rescue fundraiser, I better bring the closest thing I have to a rescue, Skid.
They didn't disappoint me. Kids, dogs, loudspeakers.  Not a thing bothered them.
They spent most of their day hoping all the dog people in attendance would fork over the treats they all seemed to have in their pockets.
At one point, someone even fed Skid a frozen yogurt for dogs.  Peanut butter flavored.
He let Try have a couple of licks to taste it but he really wasn't much for sharing.

Try enjoyed meeting the dogs who were still puppies, but like him were a little on the large size.
This guy was his favorite and he was a lucky rescue.

Some of the demos were put on by our friends,
Hey Kort!
and we enjoyed cheering them on.
Go Leo!
(Leo is only pretending to be a sport dog, he's actually a serious herding dog)

Other demos were inspiring,
and we watched true heroes go through their paces.
We appreciated them coming to show us their stuff after they had so recently been working in the Alberta flood zones.
Even when it was time to pack up and go home, things were still entertaining.
I gotta get me one of those carts!  That could be really useful.

But finally, it was time to kiss everyone goodbye,
and go back to farm life.


Cathy said...

Looks like they all had a good time. Hope you and Scott have had a good trip.

onecollie said...

was great to see you there! hope the kids weren't bothered by all the extra goodies ! I know they loved the nachos I gave them lol!
great picture of Kort! can I "steal" it !!

Anonymous said...

if I ever end up in a wheelchair, I'm getting a dog cart!!