Friday, September 13, 2013

The Visit

Several years ago, our farm was happy to help a white Jack Russell Terrier named Jane get in touch with her inner terrier whenever she came to see us. Jane is now gone but another white Jack Russell, Fitz, is her successor, and he paid a visit to the farm today.
Fitz is pretty sure he already knows how to be a terrier so this day was a day to meet and explore.
Not surprisingly, the dog he liked the best was Skid.
They hit it off right away.
Their inner terriers recognized that they were meant to be friends.
After his socializing, Fitz had one more objective for the day...
 I hope you had a good time, Mr. Fitz! (and watch out for those scary chickens!)

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Anonymous said...

Love all your dog stories. Keep it up.

Sandra Bird