Friday, February 29, 2008

Are You Scared Yet?

Meet Poe. As in Edgar Allan. (insert Jaws theme here) He'll be here in about a week. We had an opening for another "house mouser" position and we will be hiring Poe to do the job. As his team member, Salem will be training him in the art of catching a mouse and taking it into the bathroom (aka the torture chamber) and practicing the skill of "cat and mouse" before killing and eating the foe. Oh, yeah and the ever important gift to the gods: the head of your kill must be left outside of their bedroom. Since Salem has the mouse population living in fear, we rarely have a mouse enter the house but there are other skills to be learned. Laying around. Slapping dogs. Scratching on the walls. It can be alot of work but I think Poe will handle the job. In the mean time, we will leave him to his mommy and his nursing for one more week.