Monday, January 25, 2010

Minimal Monday

You may have noticed that on some blogs they do a "Wordless Wednesday" where they just post a photo that speaks for it's self. I thought that would be a good idea for me to try and do every week.

Our sheep look for grass on the snowy prairie
There is beauty in the changes on the Alberta prairie and there are so many sights I see across North America in our travels that I thought it would rewarding to try and capture some still shots. Sometimes I haven't posted a picture because it doesn't have a story and this way I'll have a reason to put it on the blog.

Megan working in the early evening
Plus I really want a better camera (time to take the plunge to an SLR) and I need to prove to Scott that I am ready. Of course, anyone who knows me, knows there is no way I can go "wordless" (hush up, Dad!) especially since I'll want to tell you something about the picture.

Our barn in a winter sunset
So I figured, I'd go with a "Minimal Monday"


manymuddypaws said...

love the barn photo....the light is very cool.

gvmama said...

It's a great hobby, eh? We really "look" at what is around us :0) Keep up the wonderful photos.

Camp said...

So picturesque...put up pictures anytime...we love them..but we love your words with them too!!!

Lilliam said...

You always post great pics, and I'm with Camp, love your comments and stories. So please, don't go silent!
On cameras - check out Nikon's D80 or D90. Good prosumer SLRs.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Your stories are always an asset to your pictures and your photographs are always good. You get a lot out of that "little" camera. Some of that is your natural eye for a good shot, but regardless, you will not "waste" an upgrade...if that makes sense. Shop carefully and be prepared to spend some money. If I'd have known how much I was going to enjoy my first DSLR, I'd have gone a step higher initially and then wouldn't have needed a second "upgrade" and therefore have saved money in the long run.