Monday, May 17, 2010

Minimal Monday - End of the Bluegrass

When the Kentucky Bluegrass trial is over, after the sheep have seen hundreds of dogs over the 5 days, they want nothing more than to relax and eat some Kentucky Bluegrass


amyfibre said...

We had such fun watching the dogs this weekend. For a couple of city girls, it's awe-inspiring no matter how many times I see the dogs work.

One question -- how did all the sheep come up from Texas? Seems like that would have been a lot of semi-trucks. Trains?

Hope the trials went well for you.

Jenny Glen said...

Yes, they came up in a big semi. It has more than one level (likely 3) so they probably all fit in one truck. They are great sheep and alot of times KY locals buy some of them when they come up.

amyfibre said...

Thanks, Jenny. We were just curious. Seemed like a whole lot of sheep to transport!