Friday, August 27, 2010

Brother From Another Mother

Scott's daughter, Jessie, came out to the farm last week and brought over her new dog, Chico.
Jessie has just moved into a new house and decided that no home is complete without a dog. So she rescued Chico from the local pound.This makes him Skid's new step brother.
When they met, it was brotherly love at first sight.
They played,and played,and played.Skid can't wait for him to visit again!


Flo de Sendai said...

What a cute pair !
Chico is a very lucky doggy !

Joan said...

Chico is a really cute dog! I'm glad Skid has a new friend his own size. Torka always likes when dogs his size visit too. It's hard being the little guy with so many bigger ones.

Monique said...

Too cute! Glad they had so much fun.

Rob said...

Its good that they get on well together, now they can have lots of fun play times together.