Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whoop Up Days!

Every year, Lethbridge (the closest "large" town to us) hosts Whoop Up Days which is like a mini Calgary Stampede.
It kicks off with a parade that is perfect for socializing the current puppy in the kennel.
This year it was Bliss' turn.
I decided to bring Jed along as support because nothing ever scares him.Bliss was very good and made friends. There were lots of equestrian entriesbut we enjoyed seeing our friends from Go Dog Go! dog sports the best.
Jane led the group in case something needed killin' she'd get it first,and Amanda and her corgi's Wicca and Pixel just enjoyed themselves.Jed enjoyed all the floats,but this one was his favorite.As an adopted Canadian, my favorite part was the Mounties.It was a big day for a little puppy and by the time it was all over there was nothing left to do except take a nap.


Rob said...

What a great day out it looked. I'm sure the dogs enjoyed it and its great that they can join in the fun.

Sarah said...

awww Bliss is too cute for words!

Kaleb would have liked that red fire hydrant too

unfortunately Jane found nothing to kill, but she did enjoy enjoy eating horse shit along the way :)