Monday, November 8, 2010

Minimal Monday - Dog Portraits

Instead of shooting more farm pictures this week, I thought I'd take a few shots of some of the dogs in for training.
This year we have all sorts of colors:

Starting with our most dramatic, Craig.Craig is a brother to my nursery dog Syn.

Back to normal colors, we have Jill.I have to say I have a personal bias toward Jill ( I love her!) 'cause I was the first person she ever saw. I whelped her a year and a half ago and her mother and grandmother were a couple of my favorite dogs ever. She is also a sister to my favorite baby, June.

The next dog is more color! Reba!She is very sweet and is a full sister to Scott's good dog, Don.

And last but not least is Bond.
Great name! He reminds me so much of my Hemp, but easier to photograph 'cause he doesn't have crazy eyes!


Camp said...

beauties..but just think how complete the palate of colors would have been...if one very lovely tri named Nan ;-) would have been included..albeit owned by the Glens but she is "in training" .....heehee

Donna Brinkworth said...

Great photos! Craig really is striking and you sure captured him in that picture.

Rob said...

Oh wow! I love Bond!!

Cathy Dietrich said...

I am so happy to see my little Jillsy (as I call her). My husband, Dale Dietrich, sent her away for training without my knowledge and I am missing our little girl. I am glad to hear that she is one of your favorites...that assures me that she will get good care and lots of love. Is it getting cold there?

Jenny Glen said...

It's getting a little cold right now but the dogs don't seem to mind it. Jill is such a good girl and gets big hugs from me on a regular basis. She's having a good time working sheep and is pretty keen.

Cathy Dietrich said...


That's good to know! Thanks for keeping me up to date.