Monday, December 13, 2010

Minimal Monday - Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Some people take their kids to visit Santa...

Most of these pictures were taken circa 2000 -

First up, we have Emerson who was getting old when this picture was taken.
Emmy was a guide dog puppy that I raised that didn't make it because he had dysplasia.Best dog ever.

Then we have Nessie at about 4 years old.Not the best dog ever but she enjoyed life.

Ahh, Chippy.
He's about 2yrs old here.If I could only have him back.

when he was just a kid.
At one year old we were just starting our herding together.
Little did I know it would lead to a husband and a house on the Canadian prairies.

THEN I'm sure you are all familiar with The Great Disaster of '07,when Skid tried to bite Santa's helper and Laddie had to save the day.
We haven't tried that again.


Ryker said...

What great memories. Looks like most were taken at home with the brick fireplace in the background. That is a safe venue!
We are hoping our friend who goes by the name of Santa this time a year makes a visit in his suit. He is tall and skinny but all heart!

Jenny Glen said...

Oh, no. We haul the dogs out to visit Santa. Everybody is socialized so other than Skid's fright, we don't usually have any trouble. I'll admit that Chippy was a little concerned by the big suit so I had to be in the picture with him.

georgia little pea said...

what lovely pictures. your dogs pose so well! i must say they've brought a tear to my eye. they make me think of MY old dogs who have gone and christmases past.

Have a good one :)

Sarah said...

awwww those are great!! What cool memories, and cool dogs.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'd forgotten about the Christmas '07 incident. Classic :-D.