Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Visit

Monday we had a visit from some different kinds of working dogs.
The North Wapiti pretty sled dogs! They (and head musher, Karen, and the newest musher, Richard and Helen their handler) were passing through on their way back from a race.
We were excited to have them stop over for the night.
Their "truck-dog" is a border collie who used to belong to us so they are family now anyway.
They were the best behaved guests and since Scott and I travel our dogs in much the same way, we spent alot of time observing their chores and quizzing the mushers to learn how to make our travels easier.
Unfortunately we didn't have enough snow in the right places to get a sled ride but the company more than made up for that. Come back anytime, guyz!


Handhills Border Collies said...

Oh that is so cool! lucky you, thanks for sharing

Ryker said...

This post makes me feel right at home.

Donna Brinkworth said...

That is so neat Jenny!

Erin O said...

How cool is that!

They have a pretty sweet rig too.

Cathy said...

Sweet rig! How many dogs that thing hold?