Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alaska's Report Card

Alaska has been here about a month and a half now so I figured it was time to tally up her report card so we all know just where her grades stand.

1. HELPING TOGO: B-I suppose this depends on how you define "helping". Togo gave her this grade so don't complain to me.

2. IGNORING CHICKENS : B+As long as the chickens aren't doing anything too exciting, she's got this one aced.

3. LEASH WALKING: D+I thought we had this under control but apparently not.

4. VIGILANCE: B+Not much happens around the farm that she doesn't know about.

5. IGNORING CATS: BMost of the time she's ok with them.

6. RESPECTING FENCES: FHmmm. We're working on it.

So, you ask, is there anything she excels at?

7. GROWING BIG: AI guess we'll keep her.


Camp said...

awwwww. the picture of her laying on Togo's feet..A DOR A BLE!

gvmama said...

LOVED the report card. LOVE Togo. LOVE Alaska. :0)

Ryker said...

We give her an A+ for looking good/cuteness ! She is just beautiful!

Donna Brinkworth said...

Happy Valentines to all at Alta-Pete! Alaska looks like a keeper for sure! Very cute report, your blog is always a good read!

Cathy said...

I think she deserves that A for ingoring chickens. What more could you ask?

Amanda Richardson said...

Aww that name fits her perfectly!

Laura L. said...

Awww, Jenny she looks like she's doing just fine.