Monday, August 15, 2011

Two Titans Playing

Yes, the earth does shake when they play.

photos by Donna Mask


Cathy said...

Gentle Giants. What's the breed?

Jenny Glen said...

Alaska (the white one) is an Akbash and Togo is a 4-way (Maremma, Pyr, Anatolian, and Akbash) crossed with a purebred Sarplaninac. Togo is under weight and he weighs 120lbs. I have no idea what Alaska weighs right now 'cause she keeps growing!

Cathy said...

I've heard of Akbashes (we have a Pyraneese/Akbash mix) and we have two Anatolians. I thought I saw similarities in features. Never heard of those other two, though. Sounds pretty exotic! I was hestitant at the thought of getting Anatolians at first. I couldn't figure out why my husband wanted such big powerful dogs (120-150 pounds for the males and tales of chasing off grizly bear), but they are both just sweethearts. Yours look pretty sweet, too!

Anonymous said...

Maremma are the Italian LGD.
Very common here in Australia.

gvmama said...

That must be something they like to do.....hang over the other one. I have an identical photo of Diane Pagel 's guardian dogs in that pose :0)