Friday, January 11, 2013

Alta-Pete, The Next Generation

When we trial at the highest level, we are often only allowed to use two dogs (Lad and Hemp)  so there is no point in having any more than that.
you have two retired dogs, (Bob and Jed)
you are training the replacements.
 and Try,
are the up and comers.
They don't look like much more than puppies now,
but in a few years, they will be ready to be my main dogs.
Lad and Hemp better keep one eye looking behind them,
the youngsters are gaining on them!


Arlette Seib said...

I admire your dog, Ford. Something about the look in his eye, catches mine. I will enjoy hearing how he matures.

MTWaggin said...

Not to miss the point of the whole post BUT I love love that snow face!

Camp said...

Love the it just be or do Ford and Nick resemble one another??? could it, might it be the nekkid-ness....??

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh that snow face pic is priceless :-).