Monday, August 11, 2008

K9 Humor

In the summertime we give our outside dogs some shelter from the sun by making each of them a little lean-to. It's nothing fancy but it's made from a wool sack and lets the breeze flow through. The dogs seem to like them. Maybe they think they are camping.
This is Bean and her lean-to. She has added a little style to it by chewing the edges and making it look like a fashionable fringe.

One day I looked out and found Bean's little pup-tent destroyed. There was no sign of Bean. I started calling, "Bean! Bean! Where are you? Has anyone seen Bean?" I got no answer but Bean's fallen wool sack began to move. So I called again, "Bean?" And then there she was! "Ha Ha, Bean!" I laughed out loud so she'd know I got the joke.