Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Big Day

Since Alaska is 8 months old, it is high time that she get spayed.
We don't want any Alaska Jr.s running around.
Yesterday was the big day.
All went well and she is back home,
But of course, there is... THE HAT!She spent the first hour trying to remove it.Then she tried, unsuccessfully, to hide in her favorite stall.And finally, she settled for giving me pitiful looks from the back of the barn.


Jessica said...

Oh Alaska. Mack completely understands, she was just spayed two weeks ago. Fortunately, she didn't lick at her stitches, so she didn't have to wear the cone of shame. The hardest part was keeping her calm. She felt better after two days and wanted to run and jump!

Take it easy!

Doniene said...

They are such characters!! Who could refuse that face!!!! We had Sonya spayed in April and she was content to rest, but she howled like a banshee as she came out of anesthesia!! We laughed until we cried!!


Monique said...

I love that the cone is enhanced with duct (duck?) tape.

Jenny Glen said...

Mack and Murph:
Cone of Shame! I love it! I haven't seen her lick at her sutures - I am just being cautious. When I was an emergency vet tech, I saw some horrible things that some bitches did to their guts after surgery. I'm taking no chances 'cause it's just the kind of thing I would expect her to do.
Monique: I think the duct tape is there to protect my legs when she rams in to them. Smart techs at my vet.

gr8bcs said...

I think as "hats" go this one is rather fashionable -- it looks wispy and see through, and it's trimmed with silver. Oooh la la.

Ryker said...

We call it the cone of shame. You do a very good sad face Alaska. We feel for you!