Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Guardians

Yes, the guardians are back home!
They came home with the sheep and are back at work.
Not much has changed with Togo.He's gotten quite a bit skinnier because he gets into trouble works hard when he's at Louanne's.
The good news is that his appetite is up so I'm sure he'll gain it back soon since he spends most of his time sleeping around here.

The biggest change is with Alaska.Of course I expected that she'd be bigger now that she's 8 months old but I didn't expect her to be such a Marmaduke personality.
Really, she's a big dope with a serious obsession for dominating all flying insects and an aversion to having her picture taken. (imagine how thrilled I am with that since I keep a blog with lots of pictures)
She thinks she's quite the guardian but she still has Togo for back up.All in all, she's settling down now that she's back home and I'm pleased with her.Of course, all that could go out the window this winter when her next big lesson will be getting through lambing!


Doniene said...

I hadn't thought about posting about guard dogs, but they are important. So I'll get pictures of Sonya (the wise one) and post them soon. Love yours - they're beautiful and I know they have personality plus!


Ryker said...

Bet everyone is happy to be back home!